Élections cantonales 2008

Candidates list for Front national

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13 candidates during first ballot

Photo Name Party Constituency Signed the pact Finalist
Michel Bertrand Front national Allier - VARENNES-SUR-ALLIER Not contacted
Maxime Labesse Front national Haute-Vienne - LIMOGES-BEAUPUY Pending
Nicole Daccord Front national Haute-Vienne - LIMOGES-LANDOUGE Pending
Gérard Daccord Front national Haute-Vienne - LIMOGES-CORGNAC Pending
Pierrette Michelet Front national Haute-Vienne - LIMOGES-GRAND-TREUIL Pending
Nathalie LE JEUNE Front national Hauts-de-Seine - ISSY-LES-MOULINEAUX-OUEST Not contacted
François Amoros Front national Hérault - Agde Signed and confirmation (letter/fax) received
Guillaume VOUZELLAUD Front national Hérault - BEZIERS-1 Signed and confirmation (letter/fax) received
France Jamet Front national Hérault - LODEVE Signed and confirmation (letter/fax) received
Charles GALTIER Front national Hérault - MONTPELLIER-1 Signed and confirmation (letter/fax) received
Alain JAMET Front national Hérault - MONTPELLIER-6 Signed and confirmation (letter/fax) received
Franck Timmermans Front national Loire-Atlantique - SAINT-NAZAIRE-OUEST (*) Not contacted
Danielle Vouzellaud Front national Vendée - SAINT-GILLES-CROIX-DE-VIE Signed and confirmation (letter/fax) received